Races & Prices

Our Races & Prices

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Children (8-15 years)

Practice Sessions (160CC Karts)


25-minute karting Session (300m track only)  

 £15.00 per driver



Adults (16+)

Practice Sessions (160CC karts)

25-minute Practice (300 metre track) £20.00 per driver
25-minute Practice (550 metre track) £22.00 per driver


Grand Prix style event but for a smaller number of drivers (between 4 and 7). Take part in an exciting series of heats where a champion is crowned at the end. The price includes ten-minute practice session and five heats per driver.

4-7 drivers £40.00 (200cc Karts) Single-engine racers per driver
4-7 drivers £55.00 Twin-engine racers per driver

Grand Prix

Perfect for corporate events. Each competitor competes in five races with a final for the champions at the end. Price includes a five-minute practice session,  five heats per driver, a final for the top six drivers, and trophy(s).

8 or more drivers £40.00 (200cc Karts) Single-engine racers per driver
8 or more drivers £55.00 Twin-engine racers per driver


The Monaco is our most popular package. It’s a longer version of the Grand Prix, with seven races in all, including semi-finals and final race. Price includes five-minute practice session, five extra long heats per driver, semi-finals for all drivers, and final for top seven with 1st/2nd/3rd place Trophy(s)

8 or more drivers £45.00 (200cc Karts) Single-engine racers per driver
8 or more drivers £60.00 Twin-engine racers per driver

Iron Man

Not for the weak… test your racing stamina with this intense 45-minute race.  Price includes five-minute timed qualifying session, 45minute race, and trophies for first, second and third positions.

4-10 drivers £45.00 (200cc Karts) single engine racers per driver
4-10 drivers £60.00 Twin engine racers per driver


A team event endurance race where drivers battle it out for a gruelling two and a half hours.

4-8 teams £65.00 (200cc Karts) Single engine racers per team/per hour